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Award-winning and the choice of travel enthusiasts from dignitaries to school groups, Hoopoe has become a leading East African safari outfitter. Together with its sister outfitter, "Kirurumu Under Canvas", Hoopoe is dedicated to the protection of the environment by supporting effective community partnerships and sustainable tourism projects. Founded in 1988, Hoopoe Safaris is headed today by Peter Lindstrom and Steven Laiser.

STEVEN is a Maasai who grew up in Arusha and became prominent in the national parks service. He rose to the rank of senior ranger of Tarangire National Park before embarking on a career in tourism.

PETER was born and raised in Kenya, has a lifetime of experience in hospitality and is a dedicated conservationist. He’s passionate about preserving the precious nature with which East Africa is so well endowed, and has the experience to be pragmatic in the quest for a sustainable future for his East African home, its rich wildlife and outstanding natural beauty. Peter has settled permanently in Tanzania.

Hoopoe Safaris

won the Conde Naste Eco Tourism award in 2004 as best ecotourism company in the world. This was a terrific accolade for the company as well as for all East Africa and Africa itself - the first time such an esteemed honor has gone to an African tour operator.

With its commitment and experience, the company has become a preferred safari operator.

Hoopoe owns and manages properties under Kirurumu Under Canvas, an outfit that offers a complete circuit of under canvas properties for safaris in Northern Tanzania. Kirurumu is used by a wide range of safari operators and guests from all over the globe. Our tented lodges and extremely comfortable mobile camps merge with the landscape and are designed to be of minimum impact to the environment. They have become havens of peace for both for its visitors and its creatures great and small that now have a safe refuge. Birdlife in the lodges grounds has increased dramatically over time and they are a bird watcher’s paradise. Diminutive dik-dik and shy and elusive bushbuck also are now common in the grounds. The company can also boast having recently hosted former president Bill Clinton and more than 40 donors from the Clinton Foundation on a safari and tour of the community projects the foundation helps sponsor.


Established in 1992 by Maasai Steven Laiser and Kenyan born & raised Peter Lindstrom, Hoopoe has an impeccable reputation both locally & internationally with stellar reviews 

Hoopoe Safaris  Who We Are


CONSERVATION is a keystone of Hoopoe

The conservation of wildlife, flora & fauna lies at the heart of Hoopoe.

Among the cofounders of a DE-SNARING program initiated by our tour operators association of which Peter is councilor. 6 tons of snares set by poachers were recovered in the first month of operation.


We believe that local communities that live cheek by jowl with wildlife outside national parks are a key to wildlife survival when they leave protected areas and enter village lands that are dispersal areas and/or wildlife corridors. Our role is built on local partnerships and by employing local people and assisting with community-development projects. 

We are currently with partners building A NEW CLINIC that will serve up to six villages in the Manyara area where we own and manage one of our tented lodges. This clinic will have particular focus on the needs of women in the community particularly safe child birth. Hoopoe provides safe clean fresh water for our neighbors in the Tarangire area and Manyara.


We are an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and proud to have made it possible for women to now be in positions of leadership in Hoopoe Safaris. 99.9% of Hoopoe's staff are are locally employed and long-term employees with many guides growing with the company for nearly 30 years. 


Co-founder Peter Lindstrom personally selects each guide and provides training courses twice a year for his team, and for other guides that come from other companies. His teachings are comprised of geology, wildlife conservation, early and later history of East Africa, customer relations, cultural studies. All guides undergo first aid training. Our friendly well-trained guides are the foundation of a successful safari. Many of our guests return on safari again and usually request their original safari guide. 


Hoopoe is a boutique safari company providing specialized and tailor made experiences., supporting respectful & authentic community interactions along the way and interpretative guiding in the parks and protective wildlife areas.


We use custom built safari prepared 4x4's, which are replaced on a regular basis. Hoopoe has it's own workshop & in-house workshop team to regularly service and maintain our vehicles. We have a mix of open game drive cars for our game packages based at our mobile camps. 

Our mobile classic style tented camps follow the annual migration while our permanent tented lodges are strategically placed to enjoy both wildlife and cultural experiences. However, we are not wedded to our own camps and lodges, and use a wide range of trusted partners. 


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