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“A traveler without knowledge is like a bird without wings.

- Musharif-UD-DIN (1184–1291) 

Accepting that the role of a good tour operator is to help educate the traveler, we have extensive knowledge in working with various educational groups, such as alumni, museums, zoos, conservation groups and non-profit educational travel organizations. We can ensure they have the best opportunities possible to experience and learn about East Africa’s natural and cultural treasures. We’re arranged tours focusing on anthropology, animal behavior, botany, zoology and geology, to name a few areas of interest. Often we act as an operational resource and facilitator for institutions who have specialists leading groups. We can also provide local experts that have lived, studied and been directly involved in wildlife research or conservation projects. Special talks and lectures can be offered along the way as part of an organized safari. We can also arrange meetings with conservators in the parks, and with people outside the parks who live cheek by jowl with wildlife and who are intimately aware of human wildlife conflict.

Our own experience with involvement in community-based tourism and the challenges faced in helping conservation efforts to succeed can be shared. Our guides are excellent safari companions for educational groups, knowledgeable and up to date with current research on animal behavior, conservation trends and challenges.

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