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meet our Guides 

In Conversation with Hoopoe's Guides

Hoopoe’s guides are renowned for both for their knowledge of the natural history of the areas we visit as well as the culture and traditions of their homeland . They aren’t only there to make sure the vehicle works and to choose the right path on safari, but also to make sure every detail of the journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Each Hoopoe driver/guide must successfully complete our own rigorous training course, that includes class and field work. The course has become the envy of other safari companies and is the product of many years of teaching by Peter and colleagues , including chosen wildlife researchers all sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for greater understanding of what makes the natural world tick. Read more about our guide training courses here.

Upon passing the course, driver/guides must return to the classroom and field instruction at least once a year for refresher training. They are skilled not only as drivers and game spotters but also in recognizing the flora, fauna and bird life of East Africa. They can respond to questions of geography, geology, climate, politics, history and the customs of this wonderful land. Moreover, our guides are chosen for their strong social skills.

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