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Photographic Safaris

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Tribe History,

Song & Dance

This is only available upon request in order to protect the authenticity and balance of tribal traditions. We do not support the over-commercialization of tribes catered to tourism that has saturated the industry.

Hoopoe Safaris is a pioneer in COMMUNITY PARTNERED TOURISM

We believe that local communities that live cheek by jowl with wildlife outside national parks are a key to wildlife survival when they leave protected areas and enter village lands that are dispersal areas and/or wildlife corridors. Our role is built on local partnerships and by employing local people and assisting with community-development projects. 

We are currently with partners building A NEW CLINIC that will serve up to six villages in the Manyara area where we own and manage one of our tented lodges. This clinic will have particular focus on the needs of women in the community particularly safe child birth. Hoopoe provides safe clean fresh water for our neighbors in the Tarangire area and Manyara.

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