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Guide Training Courses and Mountain Crew

One of the cornerstones of Hoopoe's operations is our guide training programs. Our methodology is simple - train as much as possible. Normally this means that we run 2 training programs a year in the low seasons (November and April) but we also run refresher courses at key times for specific events - the Serengeti Migration, the Tarangire Migration are good examples.


Our guide training courses are tailored to different disciplines depending on whether the guide is a wilderness and mountain guide or a driver guide



Our safari guide training programs are led by Peter Lindstrom with guest lecturers such as the Serengeti Lion research project. The courses are run twice a year and outside companies often send their guides to these programs. More details will be posted for upcoming seminars and courses.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Guides

Hoopoe prides itself on having superb guides. What makes a superb guide? 

  • Experience: all our mountain guides have been working on the mountain from porters all the way up to guides.

  • Training: our mountain guides all have up to date mountain specific first aid training covering all aspects of altitude sickness and due to their vast experience on the mountain have been in almost all scenarios. Their training is on going and they have refresher courses at least 2 times a year as well as access to training resources (latest articles on mountain sickness, flora and fauna guides, Red Cross first aid refresher courses).

  • Personality: guides not only show you the route on Kilimanjaro but they are companions as well. Our guides have good English and are very amenable willing to share their knowledge on all aspects of Kilimanjaro as well as Tanzania culture and life.

  • Team leaders: an essential part of a guide's job is organising the day to day logistics, making sure that everything runs smoothly and the service you receive is unparalled. Our mountain guides monitor all aspects of the climb - which includes your health and pace and comfort and they are also there to ensure that all crew members are well looked after.



Our guides are part of a team. This team includes: 

  • A cook or cooks: it's amazing what they can prepare sat in a tent on the side of a very big mountain! Fresh fruit / vegetables and meats allow them to prepare excellent meals that are designed to give you good nutrition value and lots of energy. They are the first up and last to go to bed, also cooking for the crews.

  • Camp crew (1 or 2 people): they set the tents and act as waiters as well. Working hand in hand with the cooks and guides you will see these guys scurrying around diligently keeping everything in order.

  • Porters: The workhorses of the mountain. Our porters are all mountain porters and either work full time as porters or are working their way up the ranks towards becoming guides. They work hard to ensure that the entire camp is packed and set up before you arrive. All Hoopoe porters are selected from a core of individuals that we personally know and trust.



Operations base: in contact normally 3 times daily (does depend on the day's route) with our guides, our operations team monitors your climb from the ground, checking your performance as well as all crew members. The base team check every item that goes on the mountain and also ensures that everything is checked in, washed, dry cleaned and repaired on return. 
Note: That a full information pack is available on booking with us, with detailed informationon all aspects of your climb from physical preparation to the meals that we provide and extra sections on altitude sickness and acclimatization.

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