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Hoopoe's Specialist Guides

Hoopoe is distinguished from so many of its competitors by the fact that its managers are guides as well. Despite having more than 100 employees, the company remains small enough that the people behind the desk are never too long out of the wilderness. Everyone in Hoopoe -- right up to the top -- knows exact what’s happening, right now, out in the bush. Your safari is bound to better, because we know exactly where you should go, exactly how to adjust to the subtle but important changes effecting every day the great East African wilderness.

Hoopoe’s Signature Safaris are those special programs guided by the Hoopoe managers. Choosing their own most favorite areas, the ones they know most intimately, these are the ultimate in safari adventures. On top of the unmatched beauty and game viewing East Africa provides everyone, you’ll have the unrivaled experience and expertise of its finest guides.

Peter Lindstrom

Born in Kenya, Hoopoe managing director, Peter Lindstrom, is very hard to keep at his desk. More likely you’ll find him in Maasailand, where he has instituted multiple community based tourism projects that led to Hoopoe’s 2004 Conde Nast Traveler award for best ecotourism company in the world. Educated in England, Peter began his adult career outfitting in The Sudan before returning to East Africa to found Hoopoe Safaris. Peter opens up the finer treasures of East Africa to his small groups. You’ll undoubtedly gain a special appreciation for the Maasai and other traditional cultures, become as amazed at the self-watering high altitude plants as with the lion hunt, and grow especially fond of his wry humor and gentle disposition. As the company’s “Mzee” (affectionate Swahili for wise, old man), Peter will share with you the long, optimistic view of Africa that is hard to find among contemporary safari guides, today.

Ake Lindstrom

Peter’s son, Ake, was also born in Kenya but raised in The Sudan before traveling to England for his education. Currently a member of the Tanzanian National Rugby Team, Ake is a consummate, from his personal passion for mountain biking to participating in the famous East African road ralleys. He is Hoopoe’s Adventure & Climbs Manager, and despite his youth, is generally considered the most knowledgeable guide in Tanzania about Kilimanjaro. Ake has developed many of Hoopoe’s exciting treks and climbs and event manages for special expeditions and trips.

Expect to exert yourself traveling with Ake! Although his carefully designed itineraries for Signature Safaris are open to all and for 2006 he will also be leading a select number of Lemosho set departures, you’ll achieve the same exhilaration of completing any challenging sports event, with the added benefit that it will probably occur beside the foot of an elephant or climax at the top of a volcano!

Nigel Kingsley-Heath

Nigel Kingsley-Heath

Nigel Kingsley Heath has been guiding for Hoopoe Safaris for eight years and all his safaris are tailor-made to fit your safari needs. Born and raised in Tanzania he spent most of his childhood in the bush camps of his father, a famous big game hunter. His own adult life began as a hunter, too, and his unique field experience is the reason Hoopoe is the preeminent outfitter for luxury and adventure camping. His wife, Jo, managed Kirurumu Tented Lodge at Lake Manyara, part of Kirurumu Under Canvas, Hoopoe's sister company.

Nigel’s experience extends to the limits that only a hunter can achieve. Always committed
to the wild as none other, he’s now dedicated his career to the nonhunting preservation of the wild. His successes in Hoopoe are legendary, from walking clients up to elephant so closely they can nearly be touched, to moving a fleet of Bedford trucks with tons of equipment from one end of the veld to another in record time. If you want to experience Africa’s rough edges and awesome powers, follow him closely when walking up to that elephant!



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