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Hoopoe Climbs Specifications

Hoopoe Safaris runs a luxury specification for group set departure and 3 specifications for tailor made climbs for all East Africa's Peaks; Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Meru, Ol Donyo Lengai, Mt. Elgon and the Ruwenzoris.

Lightweight Specification: has a lightweight mess tent, table and stools, smaller client tent and foam pad. Client must provide their own sleeping bag. This is our most adventurous specification and also lowest priced.
Luxury Specification: a larger mess tent than the lightweight specification, backed chairs instead of stools, a larger client tent with a 3 inch foam mattress. A pillow and -18 Celcius rated sleeping bag with liner are also included. There is a private portable toilet. Evening meals have an additional course (entrée) and there is fresh pressed coffee available. All in all, highly recommended. View the Kilimanjaro Machame Group Departure dates and pricing here
VIP Specification : similar to the Luxury specification but with a larger walk in client tent with a sleeping cot so that guests are raised above the ground.

The key differences between the specifications are based on the amount of equipment provided and hence this affects the total weight of gear going on any given expedition. On Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru or Mt Kenya, all gear is portered up and down and so the more equipment we take up the more porters there are.

One of the cornerstones of Hoopoe's mountain and trekking operations is our guide training programs. Our methodology is simple - train as much as possible. Normally this means that we run 2 training programs a year in the low seasons (November and April) but we also run refresher courses at key times for specific events - the Serengeti Migration, the Tarangire Migration are good examples for guides that lead cross discipline trips (for instance Kilimanjaro + walking safari).

Download Hoopoe Climbs Itineraries Pack for 2015 here
Download Hoopoe Safaris Climb Information Pack for 2015 here
Download Hoopoe Safaris Climb Specifications for 2015 here

First aid is absolutely key and core and all guides are expected to reach level 4 to be a head guide and moreover train porters in the low season as they are all qualified first aid instructors:

    First Aid / Altitude

  • Level 1: Basic first aid (8 day course)
  • Level 2: Community First aid instructor
  • Level 3: Wilderness First Responder (USA certified)
  • Level 4*: trip leader – altitude specialist, advanced client monitoring, pulse oximetry, oxygen therapy

*Note all guides have to undertake the level 4 modules
Additional Modules:

    Additional Modules
  • Communications & client monitoring system*
  • Geology
    • 1. Earth structure
    • 2. Plate motions
    • 3. Rift valleys
    • 4. East African geological history
  • Glaciology
  • Geology of East African Mountains: Kilimanjaro / Mt Kenya  / Mt Meru / Lengai 
  • Flora / fauna of East African mountains
  • Animal behaviour
  • Ornithology
  • Culture with papers on key tribes and history by area

*required module for all guides, proprietry client monitoring methodology system in use since 2001

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