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Family Holidays

"...I remember my first visit to East Africa as a child and how I was captivated by the new sights, sounds, and colors. The experience nurtured into a lifelong passion for community and conservation in East Africa..." - Rupert Finch Hatton

WWhat could be more exciting to a child than stroking a baby elephant, feeding giraffes or playing in the warm Indian Ocean waters of the Swahili coastline? On safari children (and adults) can learn how to stalk game across the savannah with Maasai warriors by their side, practise hunter gathering with the Hadza bushmen, and visit local schools and various community and conservation projects. All these experiences can help teach the next generation an important part of life outside their own world.
Young and old alike can relish opportunities to snorkel, fish, ride horses and camels, to learn how to canoe or track game, and get creative with bead making. There’s plenty to do and see for families. Many camps and lodges have specially-designed safaris offering families the opportunity to discover the wonders of the wilderness together. A lot of these have spacious rooms or family tents so younger children can be with their parents. We can arrange a fantastic, custom-designed family safari for any time of year, be it during the summer holidays, half term, the Easter holidays or even over Christmas and New Year.

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